Beauty beyond the Trees

The M65-A, a rigid 65% unibody aluminum chassis designed by Rama. The design follows a bold aesthetic, and pushes away from the conventional two piece aluminum mechanical keyboard designs by using thick bezel's, embodying a strong stance. The Forest edition is not anodized & is instead cerakoted in Los Angeles, CA. Due to the manual process of cerakote, each unit varies with minor defects. Cerakote is a polymer-ceramic coating that can be used to increase wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength, and hardness. With the manual process in mind, we will email you a detailed list of photos for your unit of the Forest edition to show you some minor imperfections.


  • 1x M65A Unibody Top in Forest Cerakote
  • 1x M65A Aluminum Forest Cerakote Base
  • Brass Plate w/ PVD & Mirror Finish
  • Brass Weight w/ PVD & Mirror Finish
  • Black Rubber Feet Set w/ 3M Adhesive
  • ps2avrgb 65% PCB with RGB underglow leds
  • Black Screws


  • Cerakote

Minor Defects

  • The finish of the cerakote is not 100% even throughout the board.
  • Some surfaces will feel more rough, than other.
  • The color production might not be 100% the same, with some areas looking darker, or lighter.

Special Notes

  • If you purchase, and are looking for specific photos to your unit, please email us at support@keyclack.xom
  • Limited to 20 Life Time Units
  • Due to the photo process, it will take 3-5 days to ship out. All units are in currently.
  • Last photo shows the layouts possible with the plate.
  • If you're looking to upgrade to a QMK Compatible PCB, please email
  • Returns Accepted, but shipping is not refunded. Return shipping is at cost to customer.