The Best Clacking Valentine's Gift for your SO

Made with love, these chocolate covered strawberries were created for your special someone. Perfect for valentines day, and for any one who loves to clack.


  • Base is casted with Resin
  • Color is Handpainted
  • Coated to protect against wear
  • Glossy Finish
  • Cherry MX Only

Special Notes & Disclaimers

  • Limited Edition Run
  • Ships out 2-8-18 via USPS Priority Mail (ConUS)
  • Shipping only recommended for ConUS to make it for Valentine's day
  • If you're looking to get by Valentines & you're international, please email for DHL shipping, but it will cost $40-$120 depending on location.
  • If you're international, and you do not email for better shipping, it will likely not make it for Valentines