The Most Tactile a Rubber Dome Can Get

In collaboration with the mechanical keyboard community, and our great friend Blake aka /u/platabear, we're happy to announce a big leap towards more custom topre keyboards: the BKE Redux. The BKE Redux is a remade and retooled BKE rubber dome replacement. The domes are made from silicone and are compressed to perfection to create a crisp tactile feel. We have two weights available: Light & Heavy. Both are extremely tactile and will completely change your topre typing experience. If you enjoy realforce (55g) or hhkb (45g) domes, then we recommend going for the lighter version. If you enjoy heavy switches, and want something more extreme than the realforce 55g domes, then we recommend the heavier variant. We also recommend trying out our sample packs before purchasing an entire set. Please note: These domes come in singles and it is recommended to reassemble the domes with the top piece of cases facing down.

Light Redux Dome Specifications

  • Light Redux: Approximately 45g (nickel test)
  • Light Grey Color

Heavy Redux Dome Specifications

  • Heavy Redux: Approximately 60g (nickel test)
  • Black Color

Unit Specifications

  • Redux Sample Pack: 5 Light, 5 Heavy
  • 25 Domes - Numberpad
  • 70 Domes - FC660C or HHKB
  • 110 Domes - Novatouch, Realforce, or any 104 Topre board.
  • Only includes domes in singles
  • Does NOT include springs. Please make sure to not lose them during this mod.

Special Notes

  • First 50 orders receive a free (random) Topre Pin included in their order.
  • First 10 orders will also receive a small 10.6" x 12.6" Topre Mousepad in Black or Grey (Random)

Tutorial Guide


International Shipping

  • If you're shipping is too expensive, please email with your desired item + address.