Bringing back a Classic

Taken from the classic Cherry G80-9009, this keyset has been transformed and expanded to be used with modern keyboard layouts. Made from single shot PBT plastic, with legends that are dye-subliminated, these keycaps will not accumulate shine as quickly as ABS keycaps. The legends are dye-subliminated, and will never wear off.

 PBT 9009 Keyset<br>51 joined
Unlock Point 1100
Unlock Point 2150

PBT 9009 Specs

  • Made in China
  • Made of PBT Plastic
  • Dye-sublimated Legends
  • Colors not identical to GMK colors due to color mixing


  • 151 Keys
  • Barred Keys: F, J, 5
  • Compatibility: WKL, UK-ISO, HHKB, 60%, 65%, 1800
  • Keyboard and switches not included

Shipping Details

  • Estimated Ship Date: Approximately 16 Weeks after GB ends
  • Distributed by Keyclack Inc. in Los Angeles