Inspired by the IDE theme Oblivion

Let's face it, we're all nerds, and we love to geek out. We enjoy taking something amazing from one aspect of our lives and carry it over to another portion. Inspired by the IDE theme of the same name, professional programmer Oblotzky transitioned the Oblivion colorway into this beautiful keyset.

 Base Kit With White Alphas<br>187 joinedBase Kit With Gray Alphas<br>279 joinedMonochrome Modifier Kit<br>56 joinedSpacebars Kit<br>126 joined
Unlock Point 1250250150150
Unlock Point 2500500250250

Oblivion Specs

  • Designed by /u/Oblotzky
  • Made in Germany by GMK electronic design GmbH with the original Cherry tooling
  • Made of doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Colors: Custom Palette based off of the SP Color Wheel


  • 159 keys in Base Kit (White & Gray Alphas)
  • 35 keys in Monochrome Modifier Kit
  • 7 keys in Spacebar Kit

Shipping Details

  • Estimated Ship Date: Approximately 16 Weeks after GB ends
  • Distributed by Keyclack Inc. in Los Angeles
  • Shipped in Trays