Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The website has changed! Where can I find the previous website?
You can find the old website at
Q: I can’t seem to login to the new website with my account information.
Unfortunately, the new website uses a new database, and the old accounts were not migrated to the new site. Please create a new account in order to participate in drops on the updated site.
You can still find information from the old website at
Q: Where can I find updates to the group buys on the old site?
You can find the old website at
Q: My item was expected to ship in “insert month”, but I haven’t gotten a shipment notification. What should I do?
Firstly, please do not worry and do not open a support ticket. Support tickets are meant to be be used for changing addresses, and issues with orders that you have received. They should not be used to get updates on a group buy. We understand your concerns, and rest assured, your product will be shipped out.
Secondly, look for the update on the group buy page. You can find all pertinent information about the group buy there. We will post updates as soon as they are available.
Q: Shipping is expensive, can you ship the item in an envelope instead of a box?
Unfortunately, we only offer items shipped in envelopes if they fit in the envelope with an ample amount of bubble wrap. We do this to ensure that your product is not damaged in transit.
Damage in transport is not uncommon. For our products, this can vary from crushed keycaps, scratched cases, and even dents. In order to ensure the best quality service, and that your product is protected from transit from the manufacturer to Keyclack, or from Keyclack to you, we use boxes to protect everything.
Q: What shipping courier does Keyclack use?
We currently (as of May 1st 2017) use USPS for domestic destinations, and DHL Express and USPS First Class for international destinations. The couriers are based on destination and have full tracking.
Q: How do I cancel an order on a group buy?
There are two different stages in which you may cancel. During the buy, and after.
During the buy, you may cancel on your own accord, and at any time. Simply go to your profile while logged in ( , and then go “Your Orders”, and cancel the order for the pertinent group buy. This feature is currently only on the desktop version of the site.
After the buy, please open a support ticket via and note why you are cancelling.
Q: I got the wrong product or my product was damaged in transit. What do I do?
1. Please make sure to take detailed and clear images of the damage. This will help us see your issue more clearly and help assess it immediately.
2. Please make sure to gather all order information.
3. Please open a support ticket via
Q: I ordered something from the Keyclack store, and it is more a GB item. How long does it take to ship?
A: Typically, it takes us 3-5 business days to ship things out to you. This is longer than most places, as we bulk package the same product after a few days.
Last Updated:
May 1, 2017